The New Custodians are currently:

Phil Hendricks

Founder, Acoustic Guitar, Lead and Harmony Vocals, Songwriter, and all-around Great Guy!

More to come.


Gordon Cunningham

Electric Guitars, Guitar Synths, Lead and Harmony Vocals, Recording Engineer and general Geek

Gordon has been playing one instrument or another since he was a grammar school violinist in a child symphony orchestra.  A well-rounded musician, he is also very technical-oriented and runs a recording studio out of his home (Hidden Gem Recording Studio).  Growing up in the 60's and 70's, Gordon was influenced by mainstream rock and pop of those eras and couldn't get away from his parents' love of country and western, but he enjoys all kinds of music.  Even through his college and subsequent years working in Information Technology (IT), Gordon has always had a hand in music, electronics, radio and audio - his most creative outlets.  The Custodians recorded their freshman effort in his living room with Gordon at the controls as well as behind the guitar.

These days Gordon, an IT veteran with over 35 years experience, is building custom web sites and helping small businesses with their IT needs, in addition to working on the latest New Custodian tunes.  He also runs, a community for musicians, and MMRadio, an online radio station playing independent music.  FMI, see:


 In the studio 2010 

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